Unveiled a limited edition fake watch double mystery of life

If the base is also engraved with another collaborator on the identity of a well-known brand of table, then it will become the darling of collectors.

Watchmakers Dufour launched its first dual-logo watch, marked on the dial of the European Space Agency, to commemorate last year’s watch Zenith into space.When Italian astronaut to reach the International Space Station in December 17, 2010, on a wearer Zenith chronograph.Dufour is envisaged that the series will have no more than 250 watch gradually come out.When this watch at this year’s BaselWorld debut, when the European Space Agency will also become one of their names printed on the dial body tissue.Out of the European Space Agency, had boarded the organization as well as white Oh disc: NASA, various armed forces, and even Domino’s Pizza.Yes, the auction appears to have a Rolex Air King Best Replica Longines DolceVita watches Swiss Imitation Longines DolceVita With Quality. the famous pizza chain’s logo.This is not a joke, it was this pizza chain and watch cooperation in this set off a wave of double marking of the watch industry.

Dial watch engraved with famous jewelry brand identity more easily be collections, the most famous of which there are Patek Philippe watches Tiffany logo, which is to commemorate the friendship between the two brands: in 1851, when the TIFFANY has sales of over dial with Patek Philippe watches Tiffany logo.Favorites loved treasures such as this, there are engraved CARTIER OF NEWYORK Rolex watch.Even to the year, you can still find traces of the old glory days worked, TIFFANY and PATEK sympathetic continues.
 Rolex introduced octopus pattern engraved on a commemorative watch dial, this watch launched a total of 78, which is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Italian International Police diving department was established.Head of Christie’s watch department, said: “Once you become a limited edition, prices began soaring.May last year, we sold one, the price reached 62500 Swiss francs. “

To this level, the emotional factors greater than the material value of the watch itself: leave a brand on a particular brand is an important history, this is priceless!

OMEGA watch with the famous SPEEDMASTERS Snoopy cartoon image of a very popular.Snoopy is NASA’s silver medal as a reward individuals or organizations to explore the field of vision with outstanding contributions in space.On Apollo 13 through twists and turns out of danger, OMEGA SPEEDMASTER Best Replica Longines Master watches Swiss Imitation Longines Master With Quality. was on the aircraft is the only accurate travel time.In 2003, OMEGA launched a limited 5441 Snoopy watch: This figure was the Special Representative of the Apollo 13 Total flight time: 142 hours 54 minutes 41 seconds.

OMEGA are produced each year lunar tables limited edition to commemorate the honor achievements in space exploration, which is particularly reflected on the dial. “In general, customers buy these watches with other customers there are some minor gaps: They do not only buy one. “OMEGA’s CEO explains, “They are dedicated to this table came, and their understanding of the story behind the great.”

BREITLING same space is also to be successful: In the early 1960s, the US astronauts will wear a Breitling watch was spacewalk, no doubt to some extent be attributed to the brand heritage and reliable aircraft manufacturing background.The most collectible antique watches including the world’s 50 years too NAVITIMERS watch, on which the world has identified Pilots Association.Also selling some limited edition watch, with a variety of Air Force logo.This tradition began in 1984 as the Italian special forces produced watches. “They are usually very strict limited production. “Breitling vice president, he said, “The recent one was last year for the Japanese troops aerobatic production.Which usually include some charitable donations. ”

In contrast, TAG HEUER doomed can not avoid with the ground, and motor sport has deep roots. “As for the joint flag regard, HEUER in sports motorcycles and contacts should be closely than any other brand. “Bonhams competent international watch department, said, “We have a watch collectors all motorcycle models and sports-related.He has 125, most of which have a motorcycle or a tournament sponsor’s logo. “This close contact is really no longer a close, JACK HEUER brand motorcycle event in cooperation is absolutely the first, and such brand partnership continues today.

But if the mentioned rally, and then CHOPARD relation to dangerous known Italian MILLE MIGLIA Rally between really hard to shake.In the past 20 years, there MILLE MIGLIA chronograph is a landmark time. “It took 15 years to become our representative collection of watches. “Partner and Co-Chair of CHOPARD so said, he recalled that earlier, customers are also asked whether to buy a watch without a red arrow on the dial.So far, he carefully arranged the production of limited edition watches dual identity: “MILLE MIGLIA watch on behalf of the people of those cars, mechanics, machinery and so proud of great interest in a particular way of life, a particular atmosphere, a particular feeling .,1.”

On the other decorated with the watch brand to highlight the meaning of life, which is also HUBLOT strengths.This is the CEO of the brand policy guidelines that section rubber strap luxury watch brand spirit behind it, it will cause all HUBLOT customer resonance; especially MONACO YACHT CLUB MANCHESTER UNITED watches and watch.So far the most successful dual identity HUBLOT watch than with the name Maradona limited edition: the football legend but HUBLOT watch their hands. “HUBLOT ever demand is strongest in 2010 Maradona limited edition watch.We produced 250, priced at 16,900 francs, but received more than 2700 order requirements, so we had to let 2500 customers booked disappointed ”

Like Domino’s Pizza and cooperation as Rolex, BIVER also contributed to the cooperation HUBLOT and another a dining institution.The end result is a very luxurious double marking models: Limited 40 to celebrate the historic GREEDGO club 40th anniversary, since it since it opened by high society’s favorite.Although there is no supply of pizza, but there is a food called Italian toast.GREENGO is the kind of place a bottle of champagne prices are 38 500 Swiss francs, so cooperation between the two HUBLOT-GREENGO price of 16900 Swiss francs, looks just the same as a free gift.

For watch collectors, the collectors buy “should have” table is one thing, but if you find a difference with the others watch on this basis, that is another matter.Why has a special logo on the watch dial so attractive?This has the same brand name on the dial and make an identification of different places that also added another name partner or cooperation projects or logo


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