Lange Macau store opening appreciate the essence of German watchmaking

Luk Fook watch Macau Landmark Hotel proudly presents the new store.The city as well as China’s premier watch connoisseurs can now concentrated in the Asian luxury experience has “Made in Germany” quality assurance works of art.
  Lange unique manufacturing process of the mechanical arts, and the Dresden watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange in 1845 established family business heyday closely related.Lange pocket watch was manufactured high quality, works around the world dream of.Even this family business after World War II nationalized, but Ferdinando Lange’s great-grandson Walter Lange of Germany when it regain unity in the family business after 40 years, but also by virtue of Lange leading technology and extraordinary precision watchmaking once again become a leading brand and most prestigious Swiss Haute Horlogerie brand to keep pace.Lange after the reorganization launched 40 own R & D movement, including the iconic LANGE with dial design and patented large date 1; 101 limited edition watch, tourbillon set, double-tracking needle timer and sesame chain three transmission function TOURBOGRAPH “Pour le Mérite”; and the hour and minute all-mechanical digital display, product won numerous international awards LANGE ZEITWERK.
  To celebrate Lange Macau Landmark store grand opening, the brand invited watch collectors and connoisseurs on September 9 to visit the store, and then invited guests to visit the MGM Hotel “Pour le Mérite” watch exhibitions and enjoy a hearty dinner , Germany to experience the outstanding superior watchmaking.
  • Prussian King Frederick William IV proposed the establishment of “Pour le Mérite” honors in recognition of the great scientists and artists in 1842, and contains the highest quality and artistic value of Germany’s Lange Quality Replica Traditionnelle watches – Luxury Imitation Traditionnelle watches can achieve this high honor, called deserved.Key Features Lange “Pour le Mérite” watch in its sesame chain drive system, whether in any case on the chain and power reserve, can ensure that the movement has been driven by a constant force.Since 1994, only four Lange complicated watches eligible dubbed “Pour le Mérite” in the name – German Arts and Sciences in recognition of the achievements of the highest honor.To commemorate the RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” watch with the same superior added pioneer watches of the column: LANGE TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite” (1994 Nian), TOURBOGRAPH “Pour le Mérite” (2005 Nian) and RICHARD LANGE ” Pour le Mérite “(2009), the brand exclusive special exhibition held in Macau, so that the city watch connoisseurs a closer look at this series of extraordinary watches.
  Quoted Mr. Lange, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Franck Giacobini said: “Lange Quality Replica Malte watches – Luxury Imitation Malte watches by Chinese collectors, connoisseurs and watch enthusiasts, while Lange and Luk Fook watch Landmark Macau Plaza jointly presented the new store, and more can watch enthusiasts and supporters to share the essence of German watchmaking. “
  Address: Avenida da Amizade, Macau Macau Landmark Hotel Shop 32, 555

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