2017 SIHH Preview: perfect and extraordinary Lange

Lange’s engineers continue to improve the watch specifications, innovation, perfect and force.New DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch with 60 hours prolonged power reserve, power reserve display and patented vibration system, and fitting diameter widened to 41 mm platinum case.

Ten years, THE DATOGRAPH been a lot of people’s minds chronograph model.It not only has a superior technical features and, more integration with symmetrical design of the dial.Lange’s engineers continue to improve the watch specifications, innovation, perfect and force.New DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch with 60 hours prolonged power reserve, power reserve display and patented vibration system, and fitting diameter widened to 41 mm platinum case.

DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch: power reserve display, to expand the size of the platinum case

THE DATOGRAPH Launched in 1999, just released immediately attracted global attention.Total superb blend of technology and design of this balance of fortune in a public function stop watch seconds thriving.With precise jumping minute flyback function and traditional column-wheel movement, with exceptional mechanical properties and aesthetic appearance, at the same time brought together the basic elements, called chronograph model.In addition to the watch has a lot of inherent advantages, and harmony with the design of the dial: Lange outsize date, small second auxiliary plate and arranged integral disk equilateral triangle layout, and in stark contrast to the black dial, legible .

New DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch collection in addition to the above features, Lange’s engineers and product designers to work more closely on the further improvement of watch design.And among the most notable, is that it widened to 41 mm large case, particularly attention when worn.Rhodium bar hour markers on the dial, but also replaces the earlier models of the Roman numerals II, VI and X, to make the design even more compact, and with last year, just revised SAXONIA series almost exactly the same.Lange, every detail are a symbol of the pursuit of perfection.Wei with the large size of the case, the date of the watch window also expanded four per cent, to preserve the harmonious proportions of the dial architecture.

“UP / DOWN” was named for Best Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre watches Another new feature: at 6 o’clock power reserve display.This feature allows users to clearly know, 60 hours running time remaining to extend much power.When the pointer on the third day go to the red zone, only need to provide new energy L951.6-type movement.Compared to earlier models, extra large main barrel 24-hour power reserve for this watch.

One of the most technically complex and sophisticated chronograph movement: Lange L951.6-type movement

Lange watch factory-made large-scale development and balance wheel, six assembly eccentric weight the balance can be fine-tuning the vibration frequency of extreme precision, and with the same developed by the Lange balance spring push.To ensure optimum amplitude of 18,000 times per hour vibration frequency, gossamer also strict coordination with the movement characteristics.

DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch network a number of technical improvements, including simple, but the technology is very complex flyback function.This rarely seen in the timing Quality LUC Watch Replica functionality, from the early aviation industry through the “stop valve”, “zero” and “restart” a step into three operating procedures in order to achieve continuous timing.Just press the button, you can catch stop or reset the ongoing measurement of time DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN watch.When the button is released, the new timing will instantly start.Through the sapphire crystal case back, the wearer can appreciate this fine chronograph movement with one extraordinary technology and sophisticated appearance, which is interesting to observe the operation of machinery and exquisite craft.Among the features include: ensure correct timing precision jumping minute; the control column wheel chronograph functions; and whiplash spring on the hand-engraved balance cock fixed tuning device.Various surfaces by hand meticulously produced modifications.Another four screws gold sleeve, also presented at this micro-mechanical meter masterpiece of craftsmanship, and again reflects the level of development of top technology brands.


Product ID

Movement: Lange made L951.6 manual winding movement, to the highest Lange quality standards for production, assembly and hand carving, the five position adjustment; Itabashi and plywood to untreated German silver; hand-carved balance cock

Movement number of parts: 451

Number of Jewels: 46

Screws gold sleeve: 4

Escapement: Lever escapement

Vibration system: Earthquake eccentric balance wheel and the balance weight; Lange balance spring made of high-quality, vibration frequency of 18,000 times per hour; with transverse fixing screws and gooseneck spinner

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds time display, with stop seconds; precise jumping minute chronograph flyback function; power reserve display; large calendar display

Operating components: the chain and set the time of the crown; two operate chronograph buttons; a quick correction button displays a large calendar

Watch dimensions: diameter 41.0 mm; thickness of 13.1 mm

Movement dimensions: diameter 30.6 mm; thickness 7.9 mm

Crystal and back: sapphire crystal (hardness 9)

Case: Platinum

Dial: Solid silver, black

Hands: Rhodium-plated gold, steel

Strap: alligator strap hand branch, blue-gray

Clasp: pin buckle platinum Lange


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